Public Event

At ETHTerakoya, we hold discussions with experts in companies and developers to establish a "common evaluation standard" required to compare blockchain functionality. We also conduct actual tests. In the public workshop this time, we will announce our results based on the 7 group discussions we have held in the past.


Public Event

The student researchers talk about privacy and zero-knowledge proof.


Public Event

We invite Aya Miyaguchi and Vitalik Buterin who lead the Ethereum community and have an interactive session that viewer also can ask them questions.


Public Event

The up and coming researchers discuss the possibility of blockchain and introduce their insight.


Public Event

The experts in system development / operation / research explain the latest trend in Ethereum, especially about scaling and sharding.


Public Event

Ethereum is one of the largest developer community in the world. The major update "Ethereum2.0" will be launched to accelerate to the next phase. ETHTerakoya supported by Ethereum Foundation explain the latest trend in Ethereum.


Public Workshop

Business/technology/legal professionals have gathered as ETHTerakoya community supported by Ethereum Foundation and discussed how to introduce online voting by using blockchain. We hold the workshop to share the final report shows legal and technology requirement and other insights.